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Physiotherapy Services
Neuro Physiotherapy

Neuro Physiotherapy

Neuro Physiotherapy involves creating an individualised treatment programme following an initial assessment. This may include the following treatments for people affected by Stroke, Parkinsons, MS, CP, Spinal Cord Injury and other neurological problems:

Manage tight muscles – Often with neurological conditions muscles become shortened and tight which may lead to spasticity. By managing the shortening of the muscles with soft tissue release techniques, stretching, splinting and if appropriate referral for Botox therapy, symptoms can be alleviated and secondary complications reduced. At NPP we offer specialist Orthotic clinics provided by Dorset Orthopaedics. Orthotics are splints or insoles which improve your movement and reduce stiffness or pain. The Orthotists from Dorset Orthopaedics can offer a full assessment and tailor devices to suit your individual needs, including Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis. For more information click here

Exercise programmes – Programmes can be tailored to your needs whether it is to build up stamina and fitness or to stretch and strengthen individual muscles. Our passive motion bikes can maintain joint movement or can be used to provide invaluable feedback to ensure effective strength training.

Pain management – A variety of techniques can be used to reduce pain, such as joint mobilisation, postural management and positioning advice. Acupuncture is also available at our Helston clinic.

Foot drop management - Dropped foot is a common symptom in many neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke, and is the inability to lift the foot when walking due to either weakness or paralysis of the muscles. There are now many treatments available including lycra orthotics and Functional Electrical Stimulation, which coupled with soft tissue management can reduce the impact of this problem on your walking. At NPP we work in conjunction with Odstock Medical Limited and Bioness to provide the latest FES technology.

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