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Physiotherapy Services
Functional Electrical Stimulation

Functional Electrical Stimulation

Functional Electrical Stimulation is a treatment for foot drop which is becoming increasingly popular due to its recent recognition by the National Institute of Excellence (NICE).

FES is a technique used to stimulate muscle contraction and movement. This is done by applying small controlled electrical pulses directly to the nerves that supply the paralysed muscle. For FES to be effective both the nerve, and the muscle supplied by the nerve, must be undamaged and is therefore effective in conditions such as Stroke, MS And Parkinson’s disease. It involves two discreet wires, one attached to a foot switch in your shoe and the second running from electrode pads placed directly on the leg, similar to those used for TENs machine. The wires are then connected to a small digital box worn on your waistband or around the leg. This system enables the foot to move in sequence with your walking pattern with no increase in effort and allows foot and ankle flexibility. FES can also be used to assist return of movement in your arm and help build up muscle strength.

At Neurological Physiotherapy Practice we work in conjunction with the National Clinical FES Centre in Salisbury, to provide the Cornwall FES satellite clinic which enables you to access this treatment through the NHS or privately nearer to home.

Neurological Physiotherapy Practice was featured on BBC Spotlight, a recording of which is displayed below:


If the video does not play, it can be accessed by clicking here.

NPP also works with Bioness to provide wireless FES technology. For more information click here

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